Mr Coyne

I read your piece with interest, which eventually yielded to more than a bit of skepticism and impatience.

While I deplore Twitter-mobbing and trial by public opinion generally, and the rather childish reaction to your comments specifically - especially those that seem to want to brand you as…

Copyright laws balance the rights of creators AND users. They're not there to stop you using others' work.

This article is a good reminder that fair use does NOT mean simply taking someone else's work and deploying on your site, though I'm distressed that people are self-censoring because of the…

Plant something. Anything.

The seeds are as tiny as poppy seeds, even tinier, like specks of dust, packaged in a homely, large-economy-size type box. I would say it is roughly the size of a box of Cow Brand Baking Soda.

It’s called “Wildflower Mix” and it’s an impulse purchase from my local Dollarama…

Oh, Mr. Offord. Say it again. Please.

I know, 2017. I bet you'd forgotten all about this article, hadn't you? But I'd just been reading a young man's— a very young man's— appreciation of JP's "12 Rules for Life" here on Medium, I needed a breath of fresh air, and…

Who was it who first said, "Every Republican was born in a log cabin he built himself" ? …

Can you use the availability heuristic against yourself?

It surely must be that repeating lies over and over convinces the liar. …

created in part with images from Unsplash by: Eduardo Soares; James Barr; Sharon McCutcheon; Matt Jones

“Life on hold sucks!”
read the bus shelter ad.

They meant the pandemic
I suppose

But what a wry, ironic understatement
If you think of the awesome reality of life on hold.

{That’s awesome in its original meaning
Of inspiring ecstasy and terror, the experience
That the Romantics called the sublime
And that…

But before we get to that — poor Meghan, Duchess of Sussex! Right?

That’s all. I always start my day with that simple novena to the difficulty of being a beige-colored quasi-Royal in a world where pink-and-white full-bore Royals are no longer respected, even coming as they do from a long, distinguished line of Mountbatten-Windsor-Bowes-Lyon cannibals and pedophiles.

It’s a great, big baby…

(I could have said “adorable things,” but then would you have clicked? There you go. …

When Conservatives Speak, The World Shakes Its Head

Christine Elliott, Minister of Health for Ontario, sends her condolences.

I tried to book a vaccination appointment today. But Toronto is taking a laid-back, leisurely, don’t sweat the small stuff approach to this whole pandemic boondoggle. It’s a big sigh of “whatever, mañana, dude, we’ll get to ya when we get to ya!”

Thanks! I guess.

I wonder if the…

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