Linda — it is indeed absolutely criminal that anyone in this city made of money should be homeless, let alone out in the winter cold.

Please allow me to gently correct your misperception that churches in Toronto don’t open their doors. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are many churches involved in the Out Of The Cold program, for example, and if some of them do not literally open their doors, they are as organizations involved in housing and feeding Toronto’s desperate and homeless.

Here’s some info that may interest you, including a number of churches that are tonight providing food and lodging. I’m not in the least religious, but I will say that most religious organizations do remember about social justice, to some degree.

Now we can ask a couple of different questions: Why don’t banks open their doors? Why doesn’t Loblaws provide a nightly meal with all the food they’re throwing out? Why do churches, some of which are not too flush themselves, have the sole burden of taking up the slack?

Thank you for writing so movingly about this boy’s plight.


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